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5 Online Date Ideas!

5 online date ideas
It's Hard To Maintain A Long Distance Relationship When You're Apart... So, Here Are Some Online Date Ideas You Can Do With Your Boyfriend Or Girlfriend!

Just because you live far away from your partner, doesn’t mean you can’t still have dates! You’ll just need to have them online! There are tons of ways to keep your long distance romance alive while being apart. One of which is having online dates – Yes, this is a thing! As someone who has been in a long distance relationship for years, I’ve had countless online dates with my boyfriend… I used to search for the best long distance date ideas, and now from being in a relationship for over 4 years, I’ve made up some long distance relationship date ideas of my own!

Here are 5 online date ideas for you and your partner!


  • Movie date
  • Dinner date
  • Play a board game
  • Take online quizzes
  • Sit and chat

1. Watch the same film

There are a few ways to watch a movie with your partner at the same exact time. One way is a website called ‘’ – where you can simultaneously watch a film. Basically, it’s one screen that you virtually share. The only downside is that it could sometimes get laggy. Another way to have an online movie date is to start Netflix at the same time on both of your accounts. Yes, this is much more difficult since you’re not exactly sharing a screen, but once you both start the movie at the same second, it’ll be in sync! (Just remember not to pause, because their screen will continue to play while yours is stopped!)

2. Cook / eat the same meal

One of the many things you’ll miss while being away from your partner are romantic dinner dates. So, to feel closer to your partner during your time apart, you can have an online dinner date! The best way to do this is to cook the same meal at the same time. Time differences can be a pain, so both of you need to plan your meals around your schedule. If you both love pasta, cook pasta (and Skype while doing so) – Or, if you’re like Gordon Ramsay, go ahead and cook a 3-course meal! Once your meals are done, you can sit down with your phone in front of you, and video chat while you eat. It’ll feel like you’re at a virtual restaurant together!

3. Play a board game together

Who doesn’t love a good ole game night? Pick a game… Whether it’s something like Monopoly, or the Game of Life, grab it and set it up in front of you. Considering board games require two people, and your partner isn’t physically there, you’re going to have to take their turn, too. However, while doing so, you’ll be video-chatting with your partner, so even though you’ll be rolling for them, it’s technically their turn! They’re still included in the game! To keep it simple, you can even just play a game of truth or dare… Who knows, it might even get a little frisky!

Alternatively, click here for a list of online games that you can play together!

4. Take online quizzes together

This could get interesting… Find some silly quizzes online to take together. Since this is done online, it’s one of the more simple long distance date ideas! There are millions of online quizzes – some are funny, intense, and they can help you learn more about your partner. Even though they can be super silly and pointless, it’s still a fun thing to do with your partner – you’re bound to have a laugh!

5. Sit and chat

As boring as this may sound to you, this might be the most intimate date you can have with your partner. Take however long you’d like to talk them, and just chat about absolutely anything that comes to mind. In doing so, you’ll learn so much more about each other, and who knows, you might surprise each other with information neither of you knew! It’ll bring you closer, and you’ll feel more connected.

Conclusion of 5 online date ideas!

Hopefully, you’ll get some inspiration from these 5 online date ideas! Let us know if you end up planning a romantic online date! Long distance ins’t easy, but having online dates will sure help to make the time apart pass quicker.

If you try out any of these virtual dates, make sure to let us know! I’d love to hear how it went! Also, if you have any other long distance date ideas, then let us know by contacting us here!

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