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Going Away Gifts for Your Partner

going away gifts for your partner
If It's Time To Say Goodbye To Your Long Distance Partner, Why Not Make It Special!? Here Are Some Beautiful Going Away Gifts To Give To Your Partner!

Saying goodbye to your partner is one of the hardest parts of a long distance relationship…

Trust me – as someone who has been in a long distance relationship since 2015, I can honestly say that goodbyes are always super hard to deal with. I’ve actually written a blog on how to make saying goodbye to your partner easier – click here to check it out!

Something that wasn’t mentioned is getting your partner a going away gift! By doing this, you’re giving them something to remember you by, something that they can cherish while you’re apart from each other, and of course, just happiness because who doesn’t love gifts!?

So, for inspiration, here are some great going away gifts for your partner!

1. Comfy blanket

Blankets are a great gift to give to your partner! Not only will they be super comfortable, but they can use it on their flight, or train ride back home to stay even more cozy!


Again, if you want to gift your partner something that will ensure that they stay super comfy, then why not get them a cozy sweatshirt? After saying goodbye, they’ll be traveling home, so this could keep them warm – It could be their travel sweatshirt. Plus, every time they wear it, they’ll think of you!


A way to show your partner that you’ll miss them is by gifting them a personalized necklace. Personalized necklaces will help them feel stylish, loved, and it’s a beautiful token of your love!


One of the worst parts about being away from your partner is having to start sleeping alone again. For some of us, we get so used to sleeping next to our partner, that when they leave it’s difficult to get used to sleeping alone. So, why not get these adorable LDR pillow!? Not only are they super cute, but they also have a sweet meaning behind them!


I’ll be honest… My partner and I are so attached to one another! We love speaking to each other all day, so it’s hard when he goes back home because we can’t exactly sit on our phones chatting all day! However, when he is traveling to come see me, and vice versa, we like to keep each other updated on our trips. So, to make sure your phone battery doesn’t die, consider getting a portable charger!


The perfect going away gift is of course, snacks! Everybody loves food, especially when going on a long journey! So, gifting your partner some delicious snacks for their trip is bound to make them happy, and full!


If you want to give your partner something thoughtful and somewhat homemade, then consider printing out a photo of you two, and putting it in a cute frame! Every time they see it, they’ll be reminded of you, and it’s an adorable decoration for their home!


Hopefully one of them stands out to you, and you can surprise your partner before they leave! Let us know if you have any other going away gifts for your partner that you can think of – We’d love to include them in our blog!

Good luck with finding a gift – we hope your partner loves it!

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