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Pros and Cons of a Long Distance Relationship

pros and cons of a long distance relationship
If You're Thinking Of Starting A LDR, Then It's Best To Be Prepared! Here's A List Of Some Pros And Cons Of A Long Distance Relationship.

Pros and cons of a long distance relationship

I’ve been in an LDR since 2015, so, I feel like I’m an expert when it comes to knowing the pros and cons of a long distance relationship! Like many other long distance couples, our relationship hasn’t been easy… However, we can happily say that we wouldn’t change this crazy, difficult, fun, relationship for anything!

If I had a dollar for every time someone told me that long distance relationships can’t work – I’d be able to retire… TWICE! I personally believe that this type of relationship is so much more special than a ‘normal’ one. (I say normal in the sense that they live close to their partner!) You don’t have to be in a long distance relationship in order to agree that they can be a pain in the butt! Although there are unfortunate cons to this type of relationship, there are tons of more pros! The positives most definitely outweigh the negatives!

Here are pros and cons of a long distance relationship!


1. You get to travel

As it states in the name, long distance relationships consist of people who live, well, a long distance away! So, whether they live 500 miles, 1,000 miles, or over 5,000 miles away, at least you get to visit them in a new place! You get to experience where they live, spend loads of time in a different place, and you get to travel to new cities! (Another plus is that your Instagram will be poppin’ with some cool photos too, haha!)

2. You get alone time

Even if you don’t enjoy spending time by yourself, sometimes you need alone time! When you’re in a regular relationship, you see your partner every few days or so. However, when you’re in a long distance relationship, you don’t get to spend every day with your partner… So, it gives you a lot of time to focus on yourself and get independent. Trust me, I know it’s not ideal to be without them, but it helps you focus on YOU!

3. You appreciate your time with them more

As I’m sure that you’re aware, couples in long distance relationships don’t get to see each other as often as they’d like. However, because of this, when you finally reunite with your partner, you learn to appreciate their company again! Considering you eventually have to travel back home, or vice versa, your days are limited… So, you’ll start to appreciate your time with them so much more.

4. You still get butterflies

Okay, I’m not sure if this is just me, but every single time (and I mean every single time) I’m reunited with my partner, I cry of happiness, and I get that crazy butterfly feeling! Non-LDR couples get to see their partner often, so that feeling usually goes away much quicker… Not for LDR couples, though! We don’t have the luxury of seeing our partner in person every day!

5. You feel more special

Think about how incredible special a long distance relationship is… Knowing that someone is so devoted to you that they’re willing to spend tons of money and time on your relationship is such an insanely special feeling! When you’re in an LDR, you and your partner sacrifice so much to be with each other. Whether you have to take time off work, spend hours traveling, or whatever the case may be, it just proves how much they love and appreciate you!

6. It builds trust

A long distance relationship won’t work unless you and your partner are completely open with each other. You have to be 100% honest, and talk about your feelings. Not seeing each other every day helps to build trust in a way that regular relationships can’t because you can’t just hop in your car to check up on them!

7. It strengthens you as a couple

Distance is never easy, and it really tests how strong your relationship is. The number one reason why LDR couples break up is because the distance gets too much for them. If you and your partner survived (or are currently surviving) the distance, then kudos to you both – you’re a strong couple! The distance won’t be for forever – just keep holding on!


1. It’s expensive

Regardless of how far your partner lives, you’re still going to have to spend some money in order to see them. It might just be spending money on gas for your car, a train ticket, or in my case, a round-trip international flight. This is a huge reason why some long distance relationship couples don’t make it – it can get pretty expensive!

2. You get lonely

Personally, one of the hardest things for me is not being able to sleep next to my partner every night. I tend to get very lonely. You get so used to being with them all day and cuddling up to sleep next to them at night… When they’re gone, things just don’t feel the same.

3. Communication can be poor

This is one of the most annoying cons when it comes to long distance relationships! My partner lives in the middle of nowhere, which means his wifi stinks! Our FaceTime calls always say ‘poor connection’ or ‘reconnecting’. I’m certain some of you can relate. It could be difficult to stay connected when you live so far away from each other!

4. They’re far away

Do I really need to go into detail for this one? This is, of course, the worst con! Living far away from your partner is the worst thing when it comes to relationships!

Those were pros and cons of a long distance relationship!

Obviously, there are so many more pros and cons of a long distance relationship – these were only a few! What are some pros and cons that weren’t mentioned? If you’re thinking of starting a long distance relationship, I’d definitely recommend giving it a try. You never know, the person you’re talking to could end up being the one!

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