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Top Games Long Distance Couples Can Play Over Zoom

top games long distance couples can play on zoom
Being In A LDR Is Hard, But There Are So Many Things You Can Do Virtually! Here Are Some Games That Long Distance Couples Can Play Over Zoom!

Most people don’t think long distance relationships are sustainable. But for those braving the miles, there’s a profound sense of overcoming difficulties in order to be with somebody you care about and who cares about you just as much. Long-distance romances can take immense courage when they require two people share their love across thousands of miles. You’re not only taking on day-to-day loneliness but also maintaining an emotional connection over timezones without any physical touch or intimacy – it takes effort, patience and understanding from both partners if this is your chosen type of relationship! Thankfully, there are so many ways to stay connected while being far away from each other – including virtual games… In this blog, we’re going to be going over some of the top games long distance couples can play over Zoom!

Long distance relationships (LDR) can feel incredibly isolating. Though over 75% of Americans have been in an LDR, nobody has a fool-proof solution against loneliness. What can definitely help, though, is still finding ways to enjoy spending time together. Thankfully, in the digital age, a good time with your partner (and even your friends) is just a Zoom call away! Let’s talk about some of the fun games you can try with your partner!


If a simulated world adventure is your idea of fun, try your luck playing World of Warcraft (WoW). Celebs like Henry Cavill and Mila Kunis are big fans of this massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG). The social aspect of WoW is what really sets it apart, and many players spend more hours socializing than battling. Together with your partner, you can complete a quest, join a guild, or just go about exploring Azeroth. Strategizing and chatting over Zoom are also way more efficient than the in-game chats (called whispers).


If you’re among the millions who found themselves getting into online poker during lockdown, why not introduce your partner to it, too? Just like what you’d do during a physical poker night, you could also invite some pals along. Although online poker is regulated, explains that free online poker sites like PlayWSOP allow you to create your own poker club where you can compete in a private game without betting real money. To up the ante, switch on your Zoom cameras so that you can try and read each other’s tells.


There’s a big reason why this classic game remains popular despite the advent of high-tech gaming. The sheer excitement, simple rules, and total reliance on luck make this particular game very appealing. There are many free online bingo sites or apps you can join in the U.S., like Bingo Win. Just like online poker, you can even invite your friends to join your bingo room while you cheer each other on via Zoom! If you’re feeling a little creative, try making your own bingo cards instead.


Humorously called “Divorce Kitchen” in China, the Overcooked franchise is one way to test—or even enhance—how in sync you and your partner are. If you’ve never played before, then expect your nerves, coordination, and patience to be put to the test. Why would that be good for couples? Well, after a while, you two can start to find your rhythm. Before you know it, no matter what crazy obstacles the game puts out, you’ll still be able to keep that kitchen running together. shares that Overcooked 2 is especially great for LDR couples because it has a multiplayer feature that anyone can connect to.


If you don’t know what you’re in the mood to play, you’re sure to find something on Jackbox. Available in several party packs, you and your partner can be chatting on Zoom while you play games like Fibbage or Drawful. Even if either you or your partner aren’t particularly big gamers, the mechanics of each game are simple and there is no need for specific gaming setups or consoles, either. You can go through a variety of games in a single sitting and rounds don’t take too long—perfect for busy remote workers and groups of friends, too!


Considering all the added travel restrictions today, your LDR may be extended indefinitely. But by taking it easier with a game night or two, you may find yourselves feeling closer than ever before! Also, make sure to check out our other blog for more ‘Online Games for Couples’ that you can play with your partner!

Long distance relationships are hard. The time and effort it takes to keep the flame going can be exhausting, especially with all of the communication barriers like texts versus phone calls or Skype vs FaceTime which make things even more difficult. However, it is so beyond worth it! Considering there are virtual ways of seeing each other, this helps to make the distance feel smaller.

Just keep pushing on and one day, you’ll break the distance! We’d love to know if you have any other games that you play with your significant other… Let us know by contacting us here!

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