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“We Live in Different Countries” – Long Distance Relationship Success Stories

we live in different countries
There Are So Many Long Distance Relationship Success Stories Out There! Here Is A Beautiful Story About A Couple That Lives In Different Countries.

We live in a day and age where anything and everything is possible! People who live in different countries can now feel closer than ever thanks to video-calls, texting, etc! There are so many long distance relationships success stories for all of us LDR couples to get inspiration from. One of the many things I share on this blog is relationship stories from my readers. (You can read them all by clicking here.) These are all REAL stories from real long distance relationship couples that are breaking through the distance and keeping their relationships strong! Some have even successfully got through the distance and now, they’re married!

This story is about an adorable couple who met through a mutual friend… Unfortunately, right now they live in different countries. However, they don’t let any amount of distance tear them apart. They’re happily still together and still going strong! Without further ado, let’s get into the lovely story of Fiona and Flo!

Long Distance Relationship Success Stories

The relationship story of Fiona and Flo

Fiona and Flo met in March of 2016 through a mutual friend that they have. At the time, Fiona and Flo were living in the same country. Their friend had started up a project and made a WhatsApp group chat for everyone to connect in. That’s when Fiona saw Flo’s profile picture. She describes him having freckles and a camera lens cover hanging out of his mouth… She said this immediately got her interested as he looked super cute and she loves photography! So, Fiona messaged her friend who started the group chat, and she agreed that Fiona and Flo would be perfect for each other. Her friend pulled an amazing friend move and told Flo that he should message Fiona… And as Fiona put it “the rest is history!”

They’ve been dating for 3 and a half years and have been doing long distance for about 2 and a half years! Fiona lives in Scotland while Flo is living all the way in Austria. Thankfully, it’s only an hour time difference between them, so the time difference isn’t too difficult to deal with!

Fiona said that a lot of people were skeptical when they decided to not break up when she moved back to Scotland… However, they didn’t let anyone’s opinion affect them and they took the plunge to start long distance. Fiona is grateful every single day because even on the hard days, she knows that there is someone out there who loves and cares about her so much and someone who will always be by her side, even when he’s not physically there!

Best Advice for Other LDR Couples

Fiona’s best advice for other LDR couples is to try and communicate as much as possible! She really stresses the importance of this piece of advice! She also said it’s important for LDR couples to try and find new fun things to do online, or even just over the phone, so you don’t ever feel like you are getting bored! Fiona and Flo are both super committed to each other and they’ve been working on planning their lives together, which is not always a given in young relationships!

Their Biggest Struggle

When it comes to their long distance relationship, their biggest struggle is when Fiona suffers from bad anxiety and Flo can’t be there to calm her down, or help to distract her. Fiona said it just isn’t the same over the phone. Communication can also be difficult to deal with when you’re apart, so sometimes Fiona feels that their “fights” (which are usually just misunderstandings due to text talk) go on for longer than necessary. However, as mentioned earlier, they don’t let the distance break them! They always fight through the distance!

Hopefully, in a years time Flo will be finishing his Masters degree and will then move over to Scotland until Fiona finishes her studies. Fiona said, “after that, who knows where the future will lead us!”

Fiona runs an Instagram account for their long distance relationship called @knownodistance. Make sure to follow her if you want to follow their journey! Fiona absolutely loves interacting with all the other people in the LDR community as they’ve made the waits between visits SO much easier.

Conclusion of “We Live in Different Countries” – Long Distance Relationship Success Stories

Thank you so much Fiona and Flo for sharing your story with all of us! I truly wish you both the best of luck for the future and I’m so happy you have been breaking the distance! In time, the wait will be worth it – hang in there!

For a chance for your long distance relationship success stories to be featured, please feel free to contact me by clicking here!

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