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Online Games for Couples

online games for long distance couples
If You're In A Long Distance Relationship, And You Love Playing Games, Then These Online Games For Couples Are Perfect For You!

If you’re in a long distance relationship, then you know firsthand how annoying it is to not be able to see your partner everyday. I’ve gotten used to it now, but in the beginning of my LDR, I would get so jealous of my friends who can see their partners whenever they wanted. They could plan a last minute date, whereas I had to schedule my trips way in advance (and spend hundreds of dollars!) In order to deal with the jealousy, my partner and I resulted in playing online games for couples!

Yes, it’s not as fun as playing games in real life, or seeing each other in real life, but hey, you gotta do what you gotta do! One of our favorite games to play used to be Club Penguin – we used to meet in the virtual world, go on the ‘dance floor’ and dress up our penguins, LOL! (I swear, we’re not crazy…) There are tons of online games out there, so I’ve gathered the names of a few to share…

List of Online Games for Couples!



I’m not going to lie, I used to play this game way before I even meet my partner! IMVU is a game where you enter a virtual world. It’s basically Sims, but you get to meet real people who are playing the game. So, if you and your partner create characters, then you can meet in the same room! You get your own house, you can design it how you want, and you can invite them over. Thankfully, you can also chat to them, so you’ll be able to communicate. You’re basically together, just it’s your online characters and not you in real life!

2. There

‘There’ is another virtual world game where you can enter to meet your partner! I’ve personally never played this game before, but it looks very similar to IMVU. The graphics aren’t as advanced as IMVU, but the characters look more realistic. If you and your partner try to play it, then let us know – I’d love to know how it goes and if it’s worth the hype!


Pogo is a website that has tons of different online games! They have so many different types of games ranging from bingo, scrabble, and hidden object styled games. You and your partner can play alongside each other. Thanks to the range of games, you can sit back and just relax. None of the games are super crazy and they don’t require tons and tons of attention. So, check out their options!

4. Second Life

Second Life is similar to IMVU and There. I’ve personally never played this one, however, after reading about it, it seems that it’s super popular! The graphics look absolutely amazing. A lot of players have said that you can do basically anything with the characters… yeah, when they say anything, they mean anything – (you know where this is going…lol) It’s definitely an interesting game, so if you’re feeling more intimate, then try it out! Whatever floats your boat!


Miniclip is another website like! They have a huge range of online games for couples to play. You can play anything ranging from pool, medieval games, puzzles, and other action games. It’s super easy to navigate, it has tons of options, and it’s a great way to have fun!

6. Avakin

Can you tell that I love virtual world games? Avakin is another game where you can enter into a virtual world to meet up with other online players. I’ve never played this one, but the reviews are great. They have over 50 million downloads, and have won multiple awards for being an awesome game. Their catchphrase is: “This is Avakin. Like real life, but better.” So, it’s fair to say you can expect great things!

Those were 6 online games for couples!

Have you tried any of these online games? If you do end up trying them out, then make sure to come back and let us know how it went!

If you know of any other online games for couples, then contact us by clicking here, so we can share them with our readers! At first, it’s going to be weird seeing your partner in a virtual world, but I promise, it gets pretty fun, LOL!

Have fun with these games, and hopefully they’ll help to make your time apart much quicker!

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