Long Distance Relationship Memes

LDRs can be pretty difficult. So, it's important to make light of the situation! Here are some relatable long distance relationship memes!

Listen, long distance relationships aren’t an easy thing to deal with… Unfortunately, you can’t see your partner when you want, you have to spend loads of money to see them, and you don’t live anywhere near each other. In “normal” relationships, you can see your partner anytime you’d like, you can have last-minute dates, and if you’re lucky, live with each other! Long distance relationships are hard… There’s a lot of planning and effort that you have to put in to ensure that the relationship stays happy and healthy.

So, what better way to make yourselves feel better than by reading some funny long distance relationship memes!?

Here are some funny long distance relationship memes that I’m sure you can relate to!

LDR Memes

Do you have any LDR memes?

If so, we’d love to share it! Send us an email by clicking here. Also, let us know which long distance relationship meme is your favorite! You can never have too many long distance memes!

We hope these memes can help you deal with your long distance relationship. It’s better to make jokes of the difficulty, than to sit around and be upset about it! The distance won’t last forever, so in the meantime, have a good laugh!

With all jokes aside, we know that in some cases, long distance relationships could take a toll on your happiness. So, if you ever need someone to talk to, need advice or need some ideas, you can get in touch with us here.

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