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Fext for LDR Scheduled Texts

Fext for LDR Scheduled Texts
If You're In A Long Distance Relationship, Then You Need To Download The Application, Fext For LDR Scheduled Texts!

Fext for LDR Scheduled Texts: Surviving a long distance relationship is difficult… Fortunately, there are many ways to help couples feel connected however far they are. Nowadays, technology plays a big part in that! Countless phone applications for couples in LDR have surfaced to give us something to look forward to whether they’re texts, videos, or simple emojis. In any relationship, communication plays a big part and is critical in maintaining a good relationship. Whichever shape or form, items, and apps designed for long distance relationships rely heavily on communication. One of these applications is called Fext!

In this blog, I’m going to be talking about Fext which is short for future texting. Fext is an application that lets apple users send scheduled text messages on their iPhone whenever they want. Fext isn’t just an ordinary mobile application… It helps couples immensely who live far apart from each other and are actively trying to communicate at the right time. So, you’ll spend less time worrying about greeting your loved ones good morning at any time of the day for them to receive it at the perfect time at their end. As someone who has been in a long distance relationship since 2015, it’s apps like Fext that I appreciate so much! These type of apps really help to change the LDR game.


Gonenc, the genius behind Fext, attributed the idea behind the messaging application to his struggles in being in a long distance relationship. Time zones and busy schedules were some of the reasons why his relationship was hard to navigate. (We can all relate!) Inspired to create a solution to his problem, Gonenc wanted some kind of way to be present even virtually. Some activities he wanted to do was send a photo, send a voice recording about his current thoughts, or even a simple note without disturbing his significant other’s sleep or work. 

Today’s communication is set up based on current events which means we give information to people in real-time so they would not miss out. As you know, this is called instant messaging and it’s preferred by people because some messages are meant to be urgent. But for others who are not living in the same area and have a different schedule, real-time messaging can be a hindrance in their routines. Gonenc’s goal is to connect people through time zones and physical distance through the power of technology. 

Fext is more than a utility… It’s a kind gesture to be more thoughtful! Texting has been around for ages and today, it is the most efficient way to communicate even just through gadgets. Back in the old days, messages were received differently. Some were transported from one place to another with the help of animals. It is unbelievable how the way we communicate has gone from pigeon posting – the use of homing pigeons to carry messages – to sending a single text and receiving it in less than a second. With that being said, some people including Gonenc have deemed texting as repetitive, thus it has lost its meaning after being used too often. With Fext, a new and special way of communication is born.


Can you send a scheduled text on an iPhone? Nope! Scheduled messaging in iOS is not a built-in feature. Although scheduled text message apps exist for this particular usage, they still have limitations. One of which only lets you save a draft of the text to remind you when you should send the message which would be more tedious since it’s not as efficient as just sending a text. Fext however, sends the text from a central number so that it secures the success of the delivery of the message even years into the future. In addition to that, a unique feature that Fext offers is its ability to notify the person you are sending the text message to before the message actually sends. This builds anticipation and creates the same feeling when you are about to open a letter or a note and carries a thoughtfulness to it. Think about how excited you get when you know your Amazon package is arriving – it’s like that, but virtual!

Fext for LDR Scheduled Texts is a unique way of connecting with your long distance partner! It takes the concept of the past and applies it to the present (with the help of amazing technology!) Users have the option to notify the recipient anonymously or replace the sender information with an emoji to play around with the receiver. Unlike other messaging applications out there, Fext is free to use without message limits, no credits, and no ads. They ensure that users have the best experience while using the app!



2. You can send reminders to celebrate birthdays, holidays, milestones, promotions, and more

3. Set plans to look forward to

4. Easy way to show appreciation to your loved ones

5. Helps you to communicate your feelings at the best time thanks to the SMS, voice recording, and even video feature

6. You can share photos

7. Send your partner memories to let them know you are thinking of them

8. It allows you to check in with your loved ones across the globe

9. You can freely send unlimited text messages into the future


iOS scheduled text messages have never been this convenient. Fext offers unique functionalities as well as utilities that you will definitely end up using every day. Here are the steps on how to use the application:

1. Type a text message as you normally would. 

2. Add any kind of media: photos, videos, voice messages, recordings, songs, YouTube links, and Spotify links to your message.

3. Schedule the message at any time in the future. A time zone converter will automatically convert the time so your LDR partner would receive the message right on time on their end.

4. You can choose to notify them at the time of sending to expect a message, or just schedule it to be sent as normal or real-time.

5. When the time comes, they will get the text!

Aside from the application being completely free, you can also use its premium version! The premium version consists of a monthly subscription that allows you to text an anonymous notification, remove the Fext branding from messages, and hide the time you scheduled the text making it more mysterious. 

The main goal of Fext is to create and build a stronger bond. Another goal is to allow people to be there for their loved ones even if they are not physically there. Gonenc’s advice to couples who are in a long-distance relationship is to bring distance to our side and get creative. He continued to say that “The distance is something that is assumed to be an obstacle in an LDR, however, it also creates opportunities to go above and beyond to show care that wouldn’t have been possible otherwise.”

People with experience being in a relationship that defies time zones and distance have said that distance is one of the factors that makes building trust, intimacy, and communication very difficult. Communication problems are road bumps for every relationship.


Anything that we normally would do with our partner could be recorded and sent to them. This lets them know that you’re present – even though you’re still a plane trip away. But in cases like that where the time zones are completely different, you may send a message but on your partner’s end, it would not be the right time to receive it. They might be sleeping or just busy and although messages can be thoughtful, it can also be the opposite if sent with wrong timing. 

Although some days are more challenging to handle, mobile applications like Fext can definitely make someone’s day better. A single text of appreciation sent at the right time could mean the world to people. Plus, it’s a friendly reminder of your presence, LOL! We all want to achieve the kind of feeling as if our partner is in the room with us. Changing the way we think about long-distance relationships helps us cope with the dreaded distance that comes with it. Making use of whatever is available for us in a world run by technology is a big step in overcoming distance. 


Communication with our loved ones hasn’t been this innovative and unique. Through Fext, we have no time bounds to follow since we can carefully think about what we can text and when it should be sent. Having to deal with creativity with communication for years with a significant other who feels like a million miles away has been tough. Now, we won’t have to worry too much about time zones and busy schedules when communicating with our long distance partner.

There are tons of amazing reviews on the app store about Fext. Take it from me, more people should communicate using Fext. Give messages a whole different meaning and send your loved one’s heartfelt messages through this amazing iOS application. I personally think it is a brilliant application since we don’t have many applications that cater to LDRs. Companies that create innovative technology like Fext help people in the most difficult situations, especially in communicating.

Thank you again to Fext for LDR Scheduled Texts for existing!! Make sure to download it on the app store.

For any further questions on Fext for LDR Scheduled Texts, feel free to contact me by clicking here!

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