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How to Handle a Long Distance Relationship

how to handle a long distance relationship
If You're Looking For Advice On How To Handle A Long Distance Relationship, Look No Further. We Go Over Our Best Tips In This Blog!

You’re not the first to admit that long distance relationships aren’t easy. Whether you live in a different country from your partner, your partner is currently deployed, or you both just haven’t had time to meet yet, long distance relationships can be undeniably hard. They take a lot of work and it can be emotionally damaging to not be with your partner physically. If you’ve wondered how to handle a long distance relationship, just know you’re not alone! (Trust us, we know firsthand!)

It’s hard to arrange dates to meet up and to ensure that you can maximize your limited time together. And when you do get to meet up, it’s difficult to get each other caught up on everything that has happened on your time apart. Lastly, nothing is more heart-wrenching when it is time to part ways, unsure of the next time you will get to see each other again. 

In this blog, we’re going to go over some advice on how to handle a long distance relationship… So, without further ado, let’s get into it!

10 Tips on How to Handle a Long Distance Relationship

Communication is Key

When you’re apart, the only thing that connects you and your partner is your ability to communicate. Thankfully, we live in a time where it is so easy to talk to one another. All we have to do is to pick up the phone and place a call! Even if you just send your partner a sweet text, it’s bound to put a smile on their face and make you feel closer together. You need to be mindful of the quality of your conversations, so that you can stay connected on a meaningful level. You never want to overdo the talking – so just make sure you give each other time to be independent, too!

Don’t Be Afraid to Have Your Own Separate Lives

As we mentioned, you don’t want to overdo the talking because then you and your partner won’t have much to talk about! It’s so tempting to just stay in all day and wait for the next phone call and it’s so easy to be consumed by your relationship to the point of neglecting the other equally important relationships in your life (like the ones you have with family and friends!)

Understand that you are allowed to live separate lives! All couples do it – even ones that live together. Try to keep yourself busy and allocate time for friendships. This separation allows you to grow as individuals and allows you to have something new to talk about whenever you catch up over the phone or video-chat.

Keep Your Time Together “Normal”

There’s always this crippling pressure for LDR couples to make the most out of their limited time together. This often results in a stressful time together which involves over-the-top planning and barely any down time. It’s best to go on normal dates, too, like going grocery shopping, binge-watching shows, or just going to a movie. Basically, do the things that you would normally do together if you lived in the same city! This allows you to connect better without being too exhausted from a jam-packed, action-filled schedule and helps to make your relationship feel “normal” (if that’s even the right word!)

Remember That Small Details Matter

Keeping tabs on the smallest details will help fuel your relationship despite the distance. What is your partner’s favorite brand of chocolate? What is their favorite perfume or cologne? What’s their go-to comfort show? Taking note of these seemingly small details could have such a great impact – and that goes for all relationships! A sweet gesture you can do is put together a little care package based around their favorite things and mail it to them. It shows how attentive you are and how much you care! Plus, you know it’ll make them feel super loved. If you’re looking for some cute gift ideas for him or her, click here!

Don’t Listen to the Debby Downers

The whole world, even your closest friends, will unknowingly remind you of how hard an LDR is. Your friends may shoot you sympathetic glances whenever you mention how much you miss your partner and it’s so easy to get sucked into a pity party… But, you must resist that temptation as this is unwanted negativity! Try to stay positive about your relationship – regardless of what other people say or think.

Avoid sulking around because that won’t solve your problems or improve your relationship. As a matter of fact, it can even do the contrary – the buildup of negativities may transform into resentment for your significant other. Accept that yes, LDR is definitely not for the faint of heart, but you are in love and it is absolutely worth every second! One day, you won’t have to do the distance anymore.

Never Assume

As we mentioned, communication can be tricky while you’re in a long distance relationship. One simple text can be read in different tones and misinterpreted in a million different ways. As such, it is important to communicate clearly and to never assume. Remember that your partner is not a mind reader. If you want to say something, do so in the clearest way possible. Do not assume plans unless they are absolutely confirmed. If you have confusions about certain things, do not hesitate to clarify them with your partner. This point may sound silly, but it’s crazy just how much one text can change everything! Just never assume and always confirm!

Understand That Your Relationship May Move at a Faster Rate

Some long distance relationships may move at a faster pace compared to “normal” relationships. People who are physically together have the luxury of going on multiple dates and to slowly get to know each other. They can take some nights off to just be by themselves and think about whether or not they are ready to take the relationship to the next level. However, long distance relationships operate differently. LDR couples have very limited time together so every minute is precious. Due to this, they might be more expressive about their feelings and the relationship progresses at a faster rate. There is no problem with that for as long as the two of you are on the same page!

Visit Each Other’s Hometowns

This is self-explanatory, but making time to visit each other in your hometowns is so important (and super adventurous, too!) Every trip to your partner’s city may feel like a mini-vacation. Your partner may take you around and do tourist activities which is fun because you get to know where they live and what they like to do when you’re apart. So, try to schedule as many trips as you can!

Accept That You and Your Partner May Have Different Routines

One of the biggest struggles of long distance relationships is how the couple may feel out-of-sync simply because there is a huge difference between their routines. For example, your partner may live in an entirely different timezone. That means you get up at different hours and you may only have a limited amount of time to talk. Additionally, there could be stark differences in your personalities and the way you live your lives. You may be a neat freak while your partner is a borderline slob… All of this is okay!

These differences shouldn’t be enough to discourage you from working on your relationship. These contrasting details are the very things that will allow you to grow. It’s best to be flexible and to find a way to incorporate your routines. Don’t just try to change your partner. They’re their own person, as are you, so accept their routines and work on both of yours together!

Remember that LDRs are Tough for a Reason

Long distance relationships are undeniably tough and they only work if you and your partner actively put in the work. Successful LDRs are founded on dedication, mutual respect, similar goals, and excellent communication skills. Yes, your time apart is tough, but it is all worth it once you get to reunite! One day, you won’t need to be apart and that’s what you should be looking forward to.

Conclusion of How to Handle a Long Distance Relationship

Our advice? Take the leap! Invest in the relationship! These harsh truths shouldn’t discourage you because every problem in an LDR has a solution and it is a small price to pay for being connected with the one you love.

That was some advice on how to handle a long distance relationship! If you have any other questions or any advice of your own on how to handle a long distance relationship, please send us a message.

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