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“We Met On A Cruise When We Were 15, Now We’re Engaged!”

we met on a cruise when we were 15 now we're engaged
Who doesn't love a romantic ldr meeting story? This is the story of how a couple met at 15 and, years later, got engaged!

Who doesn’t love a romantic LDR meeting story?

We got an email from a wonderful girl named Michaela, who told us about her long distance relationship meeting story. What most caught our eye was the fact that she said “we met on a cruise when we were 15, now we’re engaged!”

Her story touched my heart, and now it’s time for it to touch yours…

This is the romantic story of how Michaela and Stephen – who started their long distance relationship at 15 years old – got engaged!

Our story starts on a cruise that sailed from Miami and ended up in Saint Martin, Saint Thomas, and the beautiful Nassau, Bahamas. 15 year old Michaela was in her second year of high school and got to spend the summer with her family on this week-long cruise adventure! Little did she know, this trip would change her entire life. 

One day, she met a boy on the cruise – His name was Stephen, and he was also 15 years old. They started to get to know each other and noticed that there were feelings involved… Unfortunately, the week was over and it was time to go home.

Michaela lives in New Brunswick, Canada, and Stephen lives in Texas. At such a young age and with both of them still being enrolled in school, it was hard for them to travel to see each other… A year and a half later, Michaela’s mom (shoutout to you girl!) asked Michaela if she wanted to go visit Stephen in Texas. Michaela was thrilled! They headed to Texas where the beautiful couple got to reunite for the first time.

Michaela described their reunion by saying:

“Seeing him for the first time again was absolutely amazing. Even though we initially met in person it was like meeting for the first time again but at the same time it was like no time had passed.”

At this point, they were both 17 years old. That’s when Stephen made a bold move…

Stephen popped the question – he asked Michaela to marry him! He knew that they wouldn’t be able to get married for many more years, but that didn’t stop him. He didn’t even have a ring! Instead, he tied a purple string around her finger (which she said they ended up losing an hour later, haha!)

Since then, they’ve been able to visit each other 2-3 times a year for a couple weeks at a time. To make the distance easier, they like to video-chat and even fall asleep while doing so (how cute, it’s like a virtual sleepover!)

On Michaela’s 19th birthday, Stephen went to visit her and, this time, proposed with a proper ring. The wedding date is unknown as she’s still finishing college and their visa process hasn’t been finalized yet. However, they’re hoping to be married by the end of 2019.

Thank you Michaela and Stephen for telling us all about your LDR meeting story! You guys have such a beautiful and inspiring relationship.

We wish you the best of luck with your wedding and can’t wait to see pictures!

To keep up to date with Michaela and Stephen, follow her on Instagram – @crooked.mindss

If you have a special LDR meeting story that you’d like to share, then contact us here!

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