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5 Personalized Gifts To Send To Your Long Distance Partner

5 personalized gifts to send to your long distance partner
Here Are Some Personalized Gifts To Send To Your Long Distance Boyfriend Or Girlfriend! These Long Distance Gifts Are Bound To Make Your Partner Smile!

5 Personalized Gifts to Send to Your Long Distance Partner

When it comes to gift giving, figuring out what to send your long distance partner can be difficult! I don’t know about you, but it takes me so incredibly long to pick out the perfect gift! There are so many awesome gifts out there, that it’s hard to choose just one!

In my opinion, personalized gifts have so much more meaning than regular gifts. Not only do personalized gifts show that your partner put in more time and effort, but since it’s personalized, that means it was made for you, and only you! Coming up with a personalized gift idea isn’t easy, so I’ve narrowed down some cool ideas. If you really want to make a good impression with your gifts, then keep on reading!

These are 5 personalized gift ideas to send to your long distance partner!

1. Personalized Candle

You can create your own personalized message to be put inside a beautifully scented candle! If you can’t think of a message to write, you can get a candle that includes a fortune instead – it’s a bit like a fortune cookie, just in candle form. As the candle burns, they’ll get closer and closer to revealing their hidden message.

2. Personalized Scrapbook

Like I’ve said, I think sentimental gifts are always the most thoughtful. Knowing that your partner put lots of time in actually creating a gift themselves, just makes it so much more special. So, how about making a personalized scrapbook with pictures of you and your partner? It’s something they’ll be able to hold on to forever!


If you’re in a long distance relationship, then chances are you travel back and forth to see them. What’s one of the most important things needed when traveling? A suitcase, of course! So, how awesome would it be if you could have a suitcase with stickers or photos all over it? Well, you’re in luck, because that kind of thing exists! If you’re feeling extra crazy, then why not cover their suitcase with your selfie? LOL!


Okay, I can admit that this gift is a bit more on the cheesy side, but that doesn’t mean it’s not super adorable! Create some personalized love coupons for your partner to use next time you’re physically together. By sending this to them, it gives them something to get excited about for the next time they get to see you.


What better way to make your partner feel close to you during the night than to have them literally cuddling your face? Wait – it’s a lot less creepy than it sounds! Personalize a blanket with photos of the two of you, or even just a picture of your face! They can cuddle up with it, and of course, it’s a reminder of you!


I hope these personalized gifts gave you an idea of what to gift your partner on their next special day! Have you ever gifted your partner something that was personalized? If so, make sure to contact us here!

Good luck on your search for gifts, and if you end up getting one of the ones above, then send us a video of your partner’s happy reaction!

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