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“He Lives In England, I Live In Canada!” – LDR Love Story

ldr couple story
Here Is Another Successful Long Distance Relationship Story About A Couple From Canada And England Who Are Surviving The Distance!

“Distance means so little, when someone means so much…”

We recently got an email from a lovely girl named, Lauren. She told us all about her long distance relationship story… Spoiler alert, it’s adorable!

Here is how she made her LDR work.

Our story starts in England…

In 2018, our reader Lauren flew from her home in Vancouver, BC in Canada, all the way to Kent, England! She decided to do a semester abroad for university – that’s when she met a guy named Jack. At first, they were just close friends, until they both started to catch feelings… (it didn’t take long!)

In February of 2018, they officially started dating and have been going strong ever since. Unfortunately, they live over 4,300 miles away, but that doesn’t stop them from making their relationship work – why should it? Long distance relationships can work, and this couple is a prime example of that!

When we asked Lauren what her best advice was for other long distance relationship couples, she said:

“Do whatever works for you and your partner! Being in a LDR is such a unique situation, and everyone you encounter or talk to will have different opinions and different advice. In some situations, we’ve found it best to ignore some of the advice we’ve gotten lol. We’ve created a routine and a way that works for us, and as long as we’re both happy that’s all that matters! Making time for your partner, whether over text or in person etc, is always the most important.”

She is 100% right – you always need to make sure that you and your partner put in the time and effort needed to make your relationship work.

Living in different countries comes with living in different time zones, and annoyingly, Lauren and Jack’s time difference is 8 hours! To deal with it, Lauren said:

“The best way we deal with our time zones is we schedule “dates”! We try and FaceTime at least once a week, but we also text every day as much as we can. Spontaneous phone calls are always a nice little bonus too, whenever we both have free time.”

Although their time difference is one of their biggest struggles, their biggest obstacle is the time apart. They’re usually away from each other for 3 months at a time. For any long distance couple, this is where things could get rough. Not being able to sleep next to your partner, or cuddle them, or even kiss them, could really take a toll, as all you can do in that situation, is miss them. However, if you keep fighting through the distance like Lauren and Jack, you can make it!

Things have gotten better for this beautiful couple because Lauren was able to get her visa and fly back to England with Jack to ‘break the distance’! They’ll be moving in together – you go guys!

As we always mention, long distance relationships aren’t easy, but as Lauren says, ‘LDR’s are incredibly hard, but at the same time, they’re incredibly rewarding!’

So, if you’re in a long distance relationship or are thinking of starting one, just know, you CAN make it work – you just have to have faith!

We hope you enjoyed hearing about this long distance relationship story!

This story is proof that no matter the distance, love is love! Congratulations to the happy couple, Lauren and Jack, for working through the distance and moving in together.

Are you in a LDR? If so, we’d love to hear your story!

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