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How to Deal with Nerves Before Meeting Them in Person

how to deal with nerves before meeting them in person
Are You Feeling Nervous About Meeting Your Long Distance Partner For The First Time? If So, Here Is How To Deal With Nerves!

When it comes to being in a long distance relationship, one of the things you might wonder is how to deal with nerves before meeting them in person…

You are going to feel a whole bunch of different emotions before meeting your partner. You may feel scared, anxious, and the most common feeling, nervous! At the end of the day, meeting your boyfriend or girlfriend in person could sometimes be a deal breaker. They may have lied about how they look, might be shorter than you expected, or might just not have manners. There are so many things you will learn after meeting them in person, but don’t worry, most of the time, they’re exactly how you expected them to be! So, to help you feel less nervous, Here is some advice on how to deal with nerves!

Overview of How to Deal with Nerves Before Meeting Them in Person

1. Make sure you know enough about them

I always strongly recommend Facetiming or Skyping your long distance partner before meeting. Scarily, there have been tons of cases where people have went to meet someone, and the person who showed up wasn’t the person they said they were. So, make sure you know exactly who you’re talking to!

2. Remind yourself why you want to meet them

Obviously, you’re meeting them for a reason! It may be because they make you super happy, or because they’re really nice… Maybe it’s even because you’re falling in love with them? Whatever the reason is, keep reminding yourself on why you’re going to meet them. It’ll help calm your nerves!

3. Take deep breaths

Taking deep breaths helps to calm your nerves, make you feel more relaxed, and overall, it will help to make you feel much better… Trust me!

4. Meet in a public place

When first meeting someone, it’s always suggested to meet somewhere public. I personally met my long distance partner at a train station in London! This made me feel more comfortable, and it made things less awkward! Plus, if there’s any awkward silences, then just look around you – there will be a lot going on which will give you something to talk about!

5. Plan your meeting

Get organized. Talk to your partner and figure out the time and place that you will meet. By doing this, things will run much more smoothly, and you won’t have to freak out trying to figure out what to do with them!

6. Be honest

If you’re feeling nervous, tell them! Chances are, they’ll be nervous too! It’s always a little bit intimidating meeting your partner in real life and sometimes, it’s a make or break. So, tell them how you feel… You can laugh about it together!

Conclusion of How to Deal With Nerves Before Meeting Them in Person

Those were some tips on how to deal with nerves before meeting them in person! Honestly, don’t feel bad if you’re nervous… It happens to the best of us! I was SO beyond nervous when I met my long distance partner… It’s okay to feel this way! It’s kind of a scary thing!

Good luck and remind yourself that you can do this! You’ll be much happier afterwards as the nerves won’t last forever. I’d love to know the story on how it went when you first met your partner… Let me know by contacting me here!

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