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Long Distance Date Ideas (Part 2)

long distance date ideas
Being In A Long Distance Relationship Doesn't Mean You Can't Still Have Dates! So, Here Are Some Long Distance Date Ideas For Inspiration!

When you’re in a long distance relationship, your partner lives nowhere near you. In a “normal” relationship – (I say normal in the sense that they live close to their partner), they can have last-minute dinner dates, make last-minute movie night plans, etc. Long distance relationship couples have to plan everything in advance because they don’t get to see their partner as much as they’d like. So, they end up trying to find some adorable long distance date ideas, which, by the way, there are TONS of!

Even though that’s a huge negative to long distance relationship, there are so many more positives! Check out our blog on LDR pros and cons for more info – click here to read it.

Not being able to see your partner every day doesn’t have to stop you from still being able to have romantic nights together! So, to help you plan an adorable online date, keep on reading!

Long Distance Date Ideas!

1. Have a paint night

This long distance date idea can be done a couple different ways. Either you can do it the less-fun way, and you can both paint pictures on the computer app, Paint, OR, you can do it the more-fun way. I’ve personally done this before and as weird as it seems, it’s so fun!

This definitely requires a bit more planning, but it’s worth it. Both of you need to visit a local crafts shop and pick up a canvas and some paint. Places like Michaels, Hobby Lobby, or even Target will have them! Then, when you both have your stuff, go on Skype and paint together. You can even paint one another, LOL! Yes, you’re not physically together, but by doing the same activity, you’ll feel closer.

2. Play an online game

There are tons of different websites out there where you can play games with someone online! Personally, my partner and I used to play Club Penguin, but unfortunately, it doesn’t exist anymore. So, now we started playing Words With Friends on our phones. However, there are so many different types of games to play. There’s even virtual worlds that you can go in and meet your partner. Just google – online games to play with friends, and you’ll find loads!

Click here for a list of online games for couples to play!

3. Plan your dream life together

This online date idea is more for fun but also can help you learn a lot about your partner. Ask each other what you want your future to look like… Where do you want to live? How many kids? What kind of house do you want to buy? Think of the answers and start planning your future! Even if it’s way in advance, you can look up houses together, read about the town you want to move to, etc. You’ll learn more about each other, and it’ll help you get excited!

4. Cook dinner together

I briefly mentioned this in our last blog about online date ideas (click here to read it). This is one of the long distance date ideas that will require more time and effort. Discuss what you and your partner want to eat, pick up the ingredients, and make the meal together over video chat! Depending on how big or little your time difference is, it may be lunch for one of you, but dinner for the other! However, it will still be fun, and you can have a virtual dinner date!

5. Start a TV series together

Alright, I’m going to be honest. My partner and I have binge-watched Vampire Diaries twice now, LOL! Figure out what TV interests your partner has, and find one that you both have in common. You may like crime documentaries, reality-tv shows, or even just a funny show like Friends. Whatever you choose, you can binge-watch it together! Press play at the same time and enjoy! Also, by watching the same show, you’ll have more to talk about, and you can have a nightly or weekly watch session!

Conclusion of long distance date ideas!

Hopefully you’ll enjoy doing some of these long distance date ideas! I’d love to know what other ideas you have, and if you have ever done any of the ones I mentioned. If you have, let us know!

If you’re currently in a long distance relationship, then make sure to contact us by clicking here for a chance to be featured under our LDR Love Stories tab!

Good luck with your online date, and remember to wear something nice!!

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