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“He Was My Tour Guide” – LDR Love Story

he was my tour guide
This Long Distance Relationship Love Story Made Us Melt! When Asking Them How They Met, They Happily Replied "He Was My Tour Guide!" Here's Their Story.

We all adore a sweet, romantic long distance relationship love story!

We recently spoke to a girl named Alexandra who told us all about the ins and outs of how she met her long distance boyfriend, Italo. When asking how she met him, she replied with “he was my tour guide!”

Here’s their story…

Our story starts in Luxembourg…

Alexandra and her family were getting ready to go visit her brother in South America. To celebrate finishing school, her brother went to travel around South America for 11 months. Alexandra’s family decided that they deserved a vacation too, so they went to meet him in Peru!

They spent time in Peru for 2 and a half weeks. On the last day, they decided to go rafting. Her tour guide, Italo, pointed to Alexandra, her brother, and her dad, and told them he wanted them in his boat! He got everyone comfortable in the boat – Her family was seated in the front, and Alexandra sat in the back with Italo.

While rafting, he asked everyone how old they were, where they were staying, and where they were from. He was saddened to hear that they were heading back to Luxembourg the next day.

When they were finished rafting, Italo went up to Alexandra’s mom and asked when Alexandra can come back to see him… (how cute!)

Alexandra’s mom told Italo that she would be allowed to come back after she got her diploma (which was in 3 years time!)

Before leaving the rafting place, Italo and Alexandra exchanged phone numbers and they started writing to each other. They wrote each other every single day for over a year. The next November, Italo recorded a video of himself asking Alexandra’s parents permission for her to go back to Peru to visit him. They said yes! (Hooray!)

So, exactly a year after they met, Alexandra was able to travel back to Peru – this time, by herself. They made their relationship official and have been super happy ever since!

Now, it’s been over a year and 2 months! Unfortunately, their time difference is quite difficult as Luxembourg is 7 hours ahead. To overcome that, Alexandra calls Italo before she goes to bed and he calls her when he wakes up.

When asking them what makes their relationship special, Italo replied with “that’s an easy one. I know you’re the love of my life, and I want to spend the rest of my life with you.” Everyday, they dream about their future together. Alexandra said “no matter where we go, with him I feel most alive.” (AWW!)

In the future, Alexandra plans on moving to Peru to be with Italo. She has a year of school left, and after that, she’s ready to go! They’re already looking at houses together and she’s excited to buy her one-way ticket.

We absolutely adored this adorable long distance relationship love story!

We wish you both the best and can’t wait to see how the future turns out!

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